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Computer Vision​


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Unlock the potential of your visual data ​

We bring the power of AI in executable computer vision solutions that will enable your company to see better, analyze better, decide better to drive high ROI.​

Models & Methods​

For driving a range of Vision AI services, some of the standard computer vision models we utilize are DINO-DETR, YOLO, SwinV2, Mask2Former, Mask-RCNN, MDNet, GOTURN, ROLO, DeepSort, WSAL, RTFM, MSL among others. ​

However, our advanced capabilities functioning at convergence of multiple technologies drive much higher value and genuine disruptive potential as we combine limitless potential of deep learning, extended reality (XR), sensor intelligence and more into bespoke solutioning we deliver our clients.

Object Detection​

See & know with Vision AI​

Our Vision AI service for object detection helps to intelligently identify & classify objects and things, spanning millions of entities, in any given image.

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Object Segmentation​

Divide & Deduce​

To analyse photos more efficiently, we use pixel-perfect semantic segmentation to process images with precision and speed. By breaking down an image into meaningful portions, we help our clients analyse any scene at a more granular level.

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Object Tracking​

Power up your machine vision​

We apply deep learning for object tracking enabling our solutions to take a series of initial object detections and creates a unique identifier for each of the initial detections before following the detected objects as they move across frames in a video.

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Anomaly Detection​

Spot with precision​

Our computer vision techniques, when paired with AI, enable machines to detect anomalies and hence improve quality assessment procedures on production lines, detect intrusions, diagnosis of medical abnormalities resulting in improved efficiency, shorter cycle production times, and high precision.

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Video Analytics​

Learn more with visual time series​

Our video analytics service can take care of Video denoising, Image stabilization, Unsharp masking & Super-resolution imaging.

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Imaging Solutions​

Build, optimize and improvise your AI capabilities​

Our house of experts bring in a host of basic and advanced image processing techniques for pre or post processing for the mechanisms involving 3D reconstruction and deep learning optimisations.​

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Multi-view 3D Geometry ​

Move beyond the 2nd dimension​

By utilizing the 3D data involving useful information for spatial understanding and applying cutting-edge computer vision techniques, our team of experts are able to impart machines the understanding of the 3D world around us.

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Sensor Fusion​

Synchronise and Systemise​

Sensor fusion is a complex process to harmonize the input data from various sensors in a device.

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Computer Vision

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