Disrupting the future for spaces

Experience a revolution in 3D technology with Computer Vision & Deep Tech AI powering precision, intelligence and breakthrough automation for built-up spaces​

​Disrupting the future for spaces​

Tooliqa's TWINN is a disruptive handheld device with built-in intelligence to perceive the built-up environment in 3D and represent the same in real-time.

Armed with super advanced sensors innovatively assembled within a compact body, TWINN leverages our proprietary computer vision and deep learning algorithms to harmonize the sensor data, interpret it intelligently and reconstruct the 3D environment around it precisely in real-time.

The raw output from TWINN device flows into its 3D software which combines vision AI to process and yield a clean, editable 3D model of the built-up space which can have numerous use-cases across multiple industries.​

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TWINN : Handheld Spatial Scanner​

The strategic assembly and positioning of LiDAR, RGB and inertial position sensors imparts Twinn with the ability to really 'see' the environment around with a high degree of precision.

Our on-device spatial vision AI bears specialized algorithms which work on the data extracted from the environment to synchronize and execute a spatial mapping, along with identification of the elements in the environment. ​Given this technology package can assess and recreate spatial digital twins in point cloud form which can be modified into multiple usable formats with Twinn's software suite pipeline, the invention far reaching implications.


The Twinn IOS app leverages the iOS devices' LiDAR and its spatial vision AI to scan any space and generate its 3D point cloud representation in real-time.

The app is meant to make Twinn's intelligence available to existing users of some iOS devices before the disruptive Twinn spatial scanner hits the market.

TWINN : 3D Design Software

The disruptive 3D reconstruction potential of Twinn device and IOS App is complemented further as the data from it moves into our vision AI & deep learning pipeline which further extracts meaningful spatial info from the point cloud data and converts it into an editable 3D model automating a complex task, minimizing the efforts down by 70% or more.

Twinn's 3D design software supports intricate MEP design covering professional requirements comprehensively. It is built with powerful Unity engine enabling a quick and gamified design experience with realistic 3D rendering possible in real-time. A real-time collaboration module makes working with teammates and clients simple and convenient.​

This one truly is the cherry on top making Twinn a one-stop solution for interior design in its current avatar, before it gets ready to disrupt other industries with its spatial intelligence.​

TWINN: End-to-end Solution with a purpose-built CRM

While all this  adds to the design process and consultation, for truly making Twinn a complete solution, it possesses a cloud-based CRM with project, client, team and commercial process management module.

3D Reconstruction Process Using Twinn

3D Reconstruction


3D Reconstruction


Real World Structure

Pick any interior structure or enclosed space and get ready to transform with Twinn!​

Scan with Precision​

Use the power of LiDAR and high-res sensors to capture precise spatial dimensions and features

Edge Computing & Real-Time 3D Point Cloud Visualization

Leverage Edge AI intuition matured through rigorous deep learning pipelines and sensor fusion methods to detect & segment objects and re-construct 3D point cloud in real-time on the edge

Spatial Vision AI​

Twinn's Spatial Vision AI truly bears a disruptive potential with the power of capturing precise spatial information through a scan out of which it can extract BIM data, intuitively identify assets and detect structural anomalies to generate a ready-to-design 3D model.

TWINN 3D Design Suite​

The 3D output of Twinn AI gets the dazzling look and feel in our 3D design software which bears real-time 3D rendering for a quick visualization of virtual staging for any interior design project. With 3D walkthroughs and upto 8K photorealistic rendering engine built into our design suite, aesthetic quality and visual experience never fall short of delivering the power of creativity.



Spatial Vision AI Modeling

By combining computer vision and deep learning methodologies tackling a range of problems in environmental detection with powerful 3D visualization engines, Twinn's powerful spatial vision AI was created. It has the ability to 'see' the built-up space around, deduce the structural building blocks with precision and simplifying design process.

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Video Analytics​

This conceptual abstraction is one of the breakthrough aspects of Twinn technology.​ The environmental data is collected in form of a video feed, which flows to the extended vision AI pipeline on Twinn's software for analysis. It identifies, segment and track objects further in the Twinn spatial vision AI pipeline to extract the BIM elements.

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Object Detection,

Segmentation & Tracking​

Twinn is designed to scan an interior space and extract the BIM elements automatically. Our computer vision capabilities integrated in Twinn spatial vision AI helps with object detection, segmentation and tracking to isolate them from brick-and-mortar elements. It also helps to identify & isolate debris in vacant space. ​

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Anomaly Detection​

Structural anomalies are often part of structures which could be sue to damage or design. Twinn's spatial vision AI helps spot structural anomalies intelligently, highlight it and assists the users in applying corrective design measures or treat the structural design appropriately during the designing process in Twinn's 3D design software. ​

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Multi-view 3D Geometry​

The data from Twinn device or IOS App, once processed, has accurate depth estimation. Our spatial vision AI recreate the space as editable 3D models and also helps create 360 degree virtual tours with actual colors and textures of the whole environment. Building this advanced machine intelligence in a compact device is a radical disruption.

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Porting on Edge Device​

Twinn's spatial vision AI models continuously being trained on our accelerated GPUs for maximum speed and optimization. With machine learning capability built into the Twinn device and IOS App, we have leveraged our expertise around edge computing to enable real-time data processing. This imparts the advantage of scale and speed to our solution.​

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Natural Language Processing

Behind Twinn's compelling business offering for the world of interior design, lies multiple capabilities which make for a smooth user experience. The cloud-based CRM and the marketplace are powered by NLP algorithms which bring in simplicity and valuable intuition into the software for ease of business operations.​

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Extended Reality (XR)

Especially in the world of interior design and space management, we envision XR 3D experiences as being the norm which is ready to fit into the needs of impending future. With real-time 3D visualization, AR support and VR compatibility, Twinn is attempting to leverage the power of XR technologies to help its users visualize and interact in in virtual worlds.

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