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Computer Vision​


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Build superior business models and offerings​

Tooliqa's GPU-accelerated deep learning solutions enable businesses to uncover new ideas and procedures while also adapting to dynamic business conditions. Practically applicable everywhere where data is available to learn, our deep learning services are designed to enhance business models and add a dash of innovation in products & services.


Data-driven intelligence​

The ability to identify patterns from vast volumes of unlabeled training data is the core characteristic of our deep learning modelling solutions. With optimized algorithms, we delve deeper into difficult data to identify great opportunities and deliver precision.

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Pipeline Optimization​

Stay future-proof​

We help organisations stay agile and relevant to help them keep up with the current rate of innovation by optimizing their pipeline in order to make it long-lasting and versatile, all while maintaining quality and accuracy.

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Porting to Edge Devices​

Robust systems, built for speed​

We provide custom services of your business and industry to leverage the power of intelligent algorithms by training, optimizing and porting to the edge devices making decisions in a matter of milliseconds.​

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Natural Language Processing

Text to interactive intelligence​

Tooliqa provides natural language processing services that combine artificial intelligence, deep learning, and linguistics.

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Insights into

Deep Tech

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Case Studies

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Hydro Case Study

Using in-house understanding of the Energy industry and advanced technologies relevant for this case, Tooliqa combined the knowledge around immersive experiences, IOT and technology integrations to develop a Digital Twin of a hydro power plant with real time IOT data and walkthrough capability on-screen & in VR.

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