Video Analytics​

Moving from image to video analytics, we may add more information to a sequence of pictures by considering attributes that are important over numerous frames. By effectively tracking elements in the video and coupling the data with deep learning frameworks, we uncover insights and AI capabilities which adds high value to processes and solutions.​

Learn more with visual time series​

A video can be seen as adding another dimension - time, to images and its processing involves detecting and determining temporal and spatial events occurring throughout time. ​

By using machine learning and computer vision in video analysis processes, we help bring real-time AI video analytics solutions to life.

Intelligent solutions around Video Analytics​

Beyond pulling patterns and insights from a video stream, video analytics leveraging vision AI capabilities can take care of multiple applications

video denoising, image stabilization, unsharp masking, super-resolution imaging and advanced applications like pose analytics, recognition systems along with custom solutions by mining video data.​

Pose Estimation

Measure movement with precision

From tracking movements in manufacturing facilities to capturing precise postures for sports, athletics and other outdoor skill-oriented activities, pose estimation and analytics holds the key for applications like virtual trainings, sports coaching and much more. This is one of the many use cases under video analytics powered by vision AI at Tooliqa.

Using vision AI powered video analytics to estimate postures and body movements

Real-time Facial Detection & Recognition For Enhanced Security

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Video Analytics​

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