Information Extraction & Workflow Automation 

Information Extraction & Workflow Automation 

Extraction of Unstructured Text from Contracts​

Nature of implementation

Imaging & Text Solutions

Nature of organization

Information Extraction and Workflow Automation​



Capabilities Utilized

Deep Learning, Natural Language Processing, Image Analytics, Data Science​


Background & Case

The client had text data arriving in unstructured formats from which parsed, clean and linked data was required to be extracted. ​​Generally arriving as contractual documents, key information extraction and documentation becomes highly time and effort intensive work when done manually.​


A snippet of employing deep learning and NLP approaches to extract key information from a contract

Using deep learning and NLP approaches, we were successfully able to extract key information like supplier name, customer name, effective date of contract, end date etc.​​The solution was deployed on the client system.​

Value & Impact

The solution saved numerous hours of manual labor in time and efforts thereby streamlining contracts review, renewal and negotiation process along with improving accessibility of key information across the client system.​

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