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TOOLIQA is a rapidly growing Advanced Tech Solutions company providing professional services in the niche areas of Computer Vision, Deep tech, AI, AR/VR & 3D.

Our knowledge around combining multiple technologies and expertise with applied research is what we leverage to craft hi-tech innovative solutions for complex business problems and help organizations which can see ahead of time, get a head start.​

Our Mission & Vision

Our mission is to create intuitive tools with IQ, that can drive simplicity into solutions which tackle complex real-world problems.

It is important to us that our customers have an unmatched experience powered by an intelligent design and an easy-to-use system. Hence, our solutions endeavor to drive advanced intelligence via AI intuition capable of driving value to our customers and their target market through innovation in products and processes.​

Our Vision is to define a future driven by distinct solutions which can disrupt the status quo and elevates the standard for human experiences.​

We, at Tooliqa, are pushing the boundaries of advanced tech to stay ahead of the future and plan for it effectively. With consistent efforts towards building new knowledge that can be stepping stone for future progress, we envision ourselves to be the fuel that powers disruptive innovation and ultramodern design

Core Values


We blend machine intelligence with human creativity to create ingenious solutions for your complex problems and novel ideas. This keeps us and our clients ahead of the curve.


Our responsibility goes beyond your problem statement till delight. Delivering innovative potential in our solutions while acting at convergence of technologies is our way of doing it.


We love solving puzzles but don’t believe in losing the sincerity towards key objectives and end goals. Hence, we balance our passion with equal parts rigor and diligence.​


Effectively eliminating roadblocks in solutioning takes transparency and collaborative communication. We are not afraid to ask for help while navigating the chaos.​

Leadership at


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Tooliqa’s vision is being realized by a driven group of nearly 40 individuals bearing quality training from premier business and academic institutions like IIT, IIM, XLRI, NIFT, BCG, IBM, Sony, GE and more. With strong & cohesive teams across computer vision, deep learning, software development, electronics, design and product planning, we possess strong industry experience, diverse expertise and skill sets to deliver what we promise to our clients.​

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Built for


With advanced-tech offerings designed to handle challenges at scale, Tooliqa delivers solid infrastructure and solutioning which are built for to meet most difficult enterprise-level needs.​

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