Object Detection​

Using advanced computer vision algorithms, we help you develop custom AI solutions which produce a list of object categories present in the visual data or feed along with an axis-aligned bounding box indicating the position or movement and scale of every instance of each object category, in a given scene.​

See & know with Vision AI​

Our Vision AI service for object detection helps to intelligently identify & classify objects, spanning millions of entities, in any given image or video.

The high level of automation and efficiency object detection brings to any goods business or organizations dealing with huge amounts of physical entities promises operational ease and definite ROI. ​

Intelligent solutions around object detection ​

​With rigorous training going into building smart vision AI capabilities, Tooliqa's solutions can deliver tasks like finding location, dimensions and category of objects, facial recognition from images with high level of accuracy, in real-time.

Object Detection in a Dynamic Scene

Monitoring objects, people and places in dynamic scenes in real-time with high accuracy and efficiency is made possible with object detection approaches

Traffic monitoring using object detection

Traffic monitoring in real-time

Object detection approaches help with monitoring traffic in real-time. The solutions which utilize this use-case typically involve building further intelligence around forecasting traffic flow, infrastructure utilization and consequently planning and management of routine activities as well as long term developments.

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Object Detection​

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