Object Tracking​

We combine deep learning with computer vision techniques for creating a robust object tracking solution. This enables our solutions to take a series of initial object detections and creates a unique identifier for each of the initial detections before following the detected objects as they move across frames in a video.​

Power up your machine vision​

Object tracking is a tremendously important and widely used application of visual AI that allows computers to recognise, analyse, and follow objects through still photos or frames in a video stream.

This maximizing the automation capability and simplicity in your visual data processing solution catering to your specific needs.​

Intelligent solutions around Object Tracking

Our services around object tracking can handle versatile use-cases and diverse visual feed, be it an image, a real-time video or a prerecorded video for meaningful action.

From applications in medical fields to path prediction and motion planning for robotics, we bring precision to them all. ​

Tracking Movements of People and Objects in a Video in Real-time

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Object Tracking​

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