Anomaly Detection

Identifying anomalies in many modern industrial applications may be a difficult challenge. Our computer vision techniques, when paired with AI, enable machines to detect anomalies and hence improve quality assessment procedures on production lines, detect intrusions, diagnosis of medical abnormalities resulting in improved efficiency, shorter cycle production times, and high precision.​
Spot with precision​

Spot with precision​

AI paired with CV may offer high precision quality control in applications such as industrial inspection.

To address the difficulties of dealing with complex objects, a diversity of processes, and the requirement for a huge amount of positive and negative data, anomaly detection approaches have been devised. ​

Intelligent solutions around Anomaly Detection​

Coupled with deep learning, vision AI approaches for anomaly detection perform better than conventional techniques.​

Anomaly detection is something which finds wide-spread usage across industries especially manufacturing. Sorting objects, detecting hazardous or unwanted objects, evaluating defects in manufacturing output for speeding up quality control are just some of many applications.

Intelligent solutions around Anomaly Detection​

Automated Anomaly Detection For Enhanced Quality Control in Manufacturing

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