Sports & Player Management Case Study

Sports & Player Management Case Study

Tracking events, players & ball real-time ​with associated Data Indication​

Nature of implementation

Video Analytics

Nature of organization

Sports and Player Management



Capabilities Utilized

Deep Learning, Object Detection & Tracking, Video & Image Analytics, Data Science​


Background & Case

A live football match

Sports and live games are high paced activities which often require real-time analysis bringing value to the game while augmenting experience.

Beyond the live event, there is value in post-game analysis.​​With high viewership, decision making errors and need for performance improvement, a tech solution for live & post-match analysis of gameplay & players was needed.​


A live analysis of a basketball game employing player tracking
Live tracking of players, football and movement analysis

With an idea to enhance live game experience as well as post-match analysis along with minimizing game decision errors, we are converging deep learning, computer vision, data science to develop solution that intuitively tracks balls/players, identifies movements & events while displaying real-time metrics.​

Value & Impact

The solution has immense utility in terms of enhancing user experience, augmenting real-time game decisions, performance analysis and training, all of which directly impact revenue streams in sports management & entertainment industry​.

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