Porting for Edge Devices

Robust systems, built for speed​

Robust systems, built for speed​

We provide custom services of your business and industry to leverage the power of intelligent algorithms by training, optimizing and porting to the edge devices making decisions in a matter of milliseconds.​

This allows sequence data to be converted and linked together in a model to be studied and outputs to be obtained. ​

Unbreakable intelligence​

By thoroughly testing the hardware and software failure points, we ensure that the intelligence and advantage of edge compute isn't compromised to deliver what you expect.​

When functional, it is a good to have aspect for any technologically agile organization but there is always scope for improvement.

Unbreakable intelligence​
Distribute to disrupt​

Distribute to disrupt​

Artificial Intelligence (AI) models which are trained in the cloud, optimized and deployed on the edge have the advantage of:​

  • Scalability with high number of devices​
  • High speed in real-time decision-making scenario, where latency resulting from cloud compute might not be a good idea.
  • Availability for offline functionality​
  • Reducing bandwidth load for high-data generation activities​
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