Hydro Case Study

Hydro Case Study

Hydroelectric plant representation

Easing monitoring and simulation of different if-else scenarios by employing digital twins

Nature of implementation

Digital Twin & Simulator

Nature of organization

Hydro Power Plant



Capabilities Utilized

Digital Twin, IOT, Immersive technology, Remote Monitoring System


Background & Case

A Hydroelectric plant in areal-world scenario

The hydro powerplants generally span huge areas with complicated machinery running round the clock to produce power.

A pain point in the industry was the challenge for a hydro power generation organization which was looking for a solution enabling real-time remote monitoring and accessibility to the whole plant at all times.


Simulated view of the entire hydro power plant with real-time IOT data
Simulated view of the individual units
Simulated view of the disassembled component with real-time IOT data

Using in-house understanding of the Energy industry and advanced technologies relevant for this case, Tooliqa combined the knowledge around immersive experiences, IOT and technology integrations to develop a Digital Twin of a hydro power plant with real time IOT data and walkthrough capability on-screen & in VR.

Value & Impact

The solution has enabled our client to upsell their offering with Digital Twin monitoring system which also helped with virtual tours & training. The built-in simulator also enabled running real-time simulations by running if-else scenarios.

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