Infuse smartness in your systems​

With optimized algorithms, we delve deeper into difficult data to identify great opportunities and deliver precise solutioning.

Tooliqa's deep learning modeling service can process massive amounts of data to generate smart actions thereby helping to minimise overall running expenses by automating and simplifying processes.​

Data-driven intelligence​

The ability to identify patterns from vast volumes of unlabeled training data

The ability to identify patterns from vast volumes of unlabeled training data is the core characteristic of our deep learning modeling solutions, that can drive intelligence and significant automation for any system.​

Intelligence, scaled to your business needs​

We offer a comprehensive set of tools for managing, deploying, and monitoring deep learning models in custom applications.

For conceptual applications, Tooliqa's deep learning solutioning expertise makes it super-easy for enterprises to take them to scalable platforms with enterprise-grade security and quick deployment.​

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Case Studies

Hydro Case Study

Using in-house understanding of the Energy industry and advanced technologies relevant for this case, Tooliqa combined the knowledge around immersive experiences, IOT and technology integrations to develop a Digital Twin of a hydro power plant with real time IOT data and walkthrough capability on-screen & in VR.

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