Mixed Reality​

Focused solutions taking you closer to metaverse​

For building the ultimate immersive and engaging experiences in products and services, we recommend eliminating the boundaries between the real and the digital.

Our MR solutions bring your users closer to a true metaversal future with digital interactions made real within a virtual environment.​

Revolutionise your offerings​

Mixed Reality enables unparalleled information access and futuristic interactions.

It has the potential to revolutionise every element of your products and services by increasing exposure and engagement. ​

Limitless possibilities made real​

Applications in manufacturing, training, entertainment, design, tourismsports, music, art, fashion, interior design, retail, and real estate.​

Aside from applications in manufacturing, training, entertainment, design, and tourism, the use-cases for mixed reality to create astonishingly realistic experiences are limitless and are now gaining traction in sports, music, art, fashion, interior design, retail, and real estate.​

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Insights into

Mixed Reality​

Case Studies

Hydro Case Study

Using in-house understanding of the Energy industry and advanced technologies relevant for this case, Tooliqa combined the knowledge around immersive experiences, IOT and technology integrations to develop a Digital Twin of a hydro power plant with real time IOT data and walkthrough capability on-screen & in VR.

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