Analytics and Data Visualization

Analyse & improve​

Analyse & improve​

Make data the focus of your company and unlock the power of prediction, identify trigger events & high-performing digital assets, evaluate ideas and do much more for business performance improvement.

We help companies establish a strong advanced analytics system that optimizes every operation and project and delivers value. ​

Robust systems aiding future planning​

With optimized algorithms, we delve deeper into difficult data to identify great opportunities and deliver precise solutioning.

Tooliqa's deep learning modeling service can process massive amounts of data to generate smart actions thereby helping to minimise overall running expenses by automating and simplifying processes.​

Robust systems aiding future planning​

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Case Studies

Sports & Player Management Case Study

Tooliqa combined knowledge about immersive experiences, IOT, and remote monitoring to develop Live Video Analytics for a football and basketball match, implementing object detection and tracking using deep learning. This was done using in-house knowledge of the sports industry and advanced technologies relevant in this case.

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Sports & Player Management Case Study
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