The Future of Augmented Reality In Interior Design

The Future of Augmented Reality In Interior Design

Technology has become a necessary part of our day to day lives. We cannot work at our best without mobiles or laptops. With the growing advancements in this area, the livelihood of people has become much easier. One such technology that has changed the lives of people for the better is augmented reality.

What Is Augmented Reality?

Ever wished to roam the world without getting up from the sofa? This phenomenon is the basis of augmented reality. Augmented reality is an interactive user experience based on a computer-generated real-world environment, achieved by visual elements, sound and other sensory stimulants.

Companies like Tooliqa, Next/Now and Interexy work in providing a better AR experience to users.

Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality

People tend to steer away from reality quite often and most even love daydreaming. This situation is the basis of virtual reality (VR).

Augmented reality focuses on bringing real-world environmental simulation to life.

Virtual reality enables us to look around ourselves freely and observe things as and where they are. This VR world is often available at arcades or can be experienced by buying VR games. Virtual reality uses headsets to showcase a computer-generated imaginary world, while augmented reality takes digital images and layers them to create a virtual world. Pokemon Go and Jurassic World Alive are games that use Augmented Reality to engage viewers and increase their demand.

AR In Interior Design

Interior designing is a branch of design where the designers focus on making a space aesthetically pleasing while also keeping it livable. From arranging the things in a particular order to selecting the proper paints for the place, interior designing requires a lot of visual aid (through sketches in olden times or computer-aided visuals).

With the invention of Augmented Reality, the workload of interior designers has decreased considerably.

This technology offers a visual overlay to help designers decode the best of a place.

Why Use Augmented Reality for Interior Design?

Augmented reality is a much-welcomed concept in the world of interior design.

Visualizing is not an easy task, especially on such a large scale, and designers may find it a tedious job to draw various possibilities. That is where augmented reality comes to play.

Augmented reality helps visualize different segments of the place such as furniture, color and floor map of a project.

How Does Augmented Reality Work for Interior Designers?

Interior designers use AR apps to get their work done. These applications help place 3D models in real places using mobiles or tablets. These are the standard steps of AR applications:

  • The designer needs to capture some images of the rooms and surroundings they want to work with (known as markers).
  • Next, they need to upload these images into the AR software. Finally, starting the actual augmenting process.
  • The augmented reality software can help in re-sizing, moving the models and defining the image properties.
  • The designer gets to select from several elements already present on the application. They can add, delete or modify the properties of the chosen elements as and when they deem necessary.

The designer can save the file and can work on it at their convenience without the fear of starting afresh.

What Are the Benefits of AR In Interior Design?

1. Smart Work: With the introduction of AR in the interior design world, designers can visualize much better. All that is needed for the designers now is a good mobile or tablet and they are good to go.

2. Editable Work: Before the invention of AR, designers used to sketch everything from point to point and one mistake would cause them to redo the entire sketch. Now, designers can make changes and minute edits to their design layouts even at the final stage, thanks to augmented reality.

3. Guided Work: Augmented reality guides the designer and the client in every aspect, including the minute details. This guidance helps in reducing the workload on the designer, leaving time for more innovative designs.

4. Pocket-friendly Work: Augmented reality software consists of many different products that the client and designer can check out before actually buying anything. In this way, AR also presents a better visual idea to the client.

5. Better Work Representation: Clients can sometimes be very strenuous to handle. They might oppose the entire idea of the designer and end up circling back to the same thing due to a lack of visual representation. But this is where AR has the back of the designer. With augmented reality, designers can make their clients see what they what them to in their designs.

6. Gaining More Clients: When the work speaks for itself, there is no need for advertising. Augmented reality helps enhance the design of the designer, attracting more people by the day. It also helps in retaining happy clients.

Future Of Augmented Reality in Interior Design

Augmented reality offers a lot of benefits and, with the constant improvement in the field of AR, one can only hope for a more effortless and fun future in the field of interior designing. Interior designers are working towards getting the best out of AR. Here are a few reasons that have helped pave their way into the future:

  • Tasks that seemed almost impossible and unimaginable are now our reality.
  • Augmented reality helps in visualizing and solving the issues almost instantaneously. This will help in dealing with indecisive or confused clients.
  • AR benefits both the buyers and the sellers alike. It prevents one from buying unnecessary items that would either disrupt the look or oddly stand out.
  • AR has made it much easier for people to communicate their ideas and voice their choice. In today's world, many people find it hard to converse ideas adequately. That is why, with the growing popularity of AR, one can easily express what is in their minds without any confusion.
  • With astounding technologies and the growth of AR, designers and clients can converse from anywhere at any given time without room for confusion.

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Why do we need Augmented Reality in Interior Design?
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Visualizing is not an easy task, especially on such a large scale such as visualizing large spaces and creating plans for the same. Thus, designers may find it a tedious job to draw various possibilities. That is where augmented reality comes to play. Augmented reality helps visualize different segments of the place such as furniture, color and floor map of a project, thereby easing out the process and saving time and resources.

How does AR work for interior designers?
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AR apps are used by interior designers to complete their tasks. Using mobile devices or tablets, these programs assist in placing 3D models in actual locations. The designer must take pictures of the spaces and surroundings they intend to use (known as markers). The AR software must then be updated with these photos. starting the actual enhancing procedure at last. The models can be resized, moved, and picture attributes can be defined with the aid of augmented reality software. The designer can choose from a variety of items that are currently on the program. As and when they see fit, they can add, remove, or edit the properties of the selected elements. The designer can work on the file at their convenience without worrying about starting over by saving it.

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